About Our Industrial Group

As one of the most important fundamental industries, the electrical industry plays a prominent role in the industrial development of our country, according to this, the industrial and production group of Electro Sanat Mahdi with more than 40 years of experience and relying on its knowledge and experience with the aim of producing The specialty of industrial electrical panels has entered the field of the country's large electrical industry.


This industrial group, having technical and engineering staff with experience and proven work and having a strong scientific and practical foundation, is ready to cooperate in the field of production and assembly of electrical panels for all by using electrical panel design software and in accordance with today's standards. Factories, workshops and industrial centers.

our services ...

All activities that we carry out

Production and construction of all kinds of factory and workshop

electrical panels and variable capacitor banks with 24-hour

installation and supporting with our most experienced experts.

Low voltage panels

Assembly of electrical panels under 1000 volts

Automation electrical panels

Using plc for automation in panels

Control and power circuit boards

Contactor boards and control circuit

Capacitors control panels

Capacitors panels to correct the power factor

We are experts in the industry

40 years of experience


Construction and assembly


Installation and repair