Low voltage panels

The low voltage switchboard has a voltage of up to 1000 volts and the components of this switchboard are suitable for its use.

Workshop board panels

This board includes a number of three-phase current limiting feeders for the input power of the board, and according to the request, several three-phase and single-phase sockets and with relevant protection for energy management are assembled and installed.

industrial panels

This panel establishes a correct connection between the components of an electrical system and plays an important role in manufacturing industries and factories, and its application is in factories, refineries and industrial centers.

Capacitor bank panels

This panel is used to compensate for the reactive power in the network, which is entered into the circuit stepwise and automatically, and controls the reactive power.

Changing board panels

This panel can operate automatically between two power inputs. This panel is used for centers that have a spare generator.

Power and lighting distribution board for open area

This board is made and installed for electricity distribution and lighting control in the open area and standing, and the box of this board is also made waterproof.